Radical Mothering



I’m Fran and this is a collection of my writing and thoughts on many things, included but not limited to unschooling, home education, consent-based everything, child liberation, anti-capitalism and radical change.

A cancer diagnosis in 2018, and a global pandemic in 2019, were all it took to have me reflecting much more deeply on how on earth I was going to live my life.

In April 2019, I channeled some serious if-not-now-then-when energy, and decided we were going to try living without school.

With this change, came a million others, big and small. My parenting started to shift, my ideas around consent and coercion evolved, and I started to question many of the systems and mindsets we all take for granted.

You can also find me on instagram where I share thoughts, ideas and a bit about my family’s daily life.

I’m so glad that you’re here.

Fran x