In short, everything.

Deschooling is what many home educators and unschoolers choose to do when they embark on home education, particularly if their children have been to school.

My children were in school for 3 years before we started home education, so there was a lot of deschooling to do.

But mostly, the one who needed deschooling was me. I went to school for 15 years, then university, then into the workforce so I’m pretty much as “schooled” as they get.

Deschooling should really be called something else because it’s so much bigger than gradually shedding our schooled beliefs and behaviors; it’s really about developing a growing awareness of our underlying assumptions that we’ve absorbed from living in society, and exploring whether there might be another way.

This happens first intellectually, but it only really starts to come alive once we’ve done the inner work and healing.

I’ve written in detail about our deschooling journey and the what, why and how of deschooling in this article.